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Pregnancy Massage

While pregnant, a women’s body goes through many extreme changes. Getting a massage helps relieve many problems during this important time, both, physiologically and physically. When you receive a pregnancy massage there should be certain goals. These would be relaxation, stress relief, and preparing your body for the actual event of childbirth. Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissue. In stretching muscles, tendons, and ligaments they then relax into a more comfortable state, therefore relieving pain and discomfort. With increased blood to the sites massaged, there is an increased flow of oxygen and nutrition available to the tissue. In addition, the increased blood flow will remove any toxic waste that has been built up in the muscle tissue.


At certain times there are very specific reasons NOT to get a massage. Please do not receive a massage within the first trimester of pregnancy, taking every precaution necessary at the beginning.

We have a special table that allows you to lie on your stomach during your treatment, taking all the pressure off in all the right areas

The overall goal of pregnancy massage is to minimize stress and promote relaxation. All of this prepares the muscles that are affected by childbirth. Conditions that are improved from massage therapy are:

  • Calf cramping
  • Headaches
  • Edema of limbs (swelling)
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Low back pain
  • Irregular sleep
  • Congestion

A pregnancy massage gives you more energy so you can have the best 9 months possible.

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