Therapeutic Massage in Sherwood Park

For us at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., therapeutic massage is something that every person in Sherwood Park should take advantage of. For far too long, massage, and therapeutic massage in particular, was seen as a luxury reserved for the very wealthy. Thankfully, that myth is now very much in the past and we are pleased to say that our passionate team of professional massage therapists cater to the physical and emotional needs of everyone from pregnant women to injured football players on a regular basis.

There is no doubt about it, the wide range of benefits that a therapeutic massage can provide men and women of all ages should not be underestimated as they can have a real and lasting effect on your health.

So, if you are looking for an enhanced level of massage in the Sherwood Park area, we really should be the first number you call.

How a Therapeutic Massage Therapy Can Help You

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we take what we do very seriously. That is why when we say we provide our Sherwood Park clients with the best therapeutic massage treatment possible, we really mean it.

For us, we think a therapeutic massage provides you with the very best of both worlds. This means that our therapeutic massage will not only be a pampering treat for your body, but it will also help rebalance any stress or anxiety that may be affecting upon your emotional wellbeing.

Our professional team of massage therapists provide a relaxing treatment that rejuvenates your physical strength while also supporting and relaxing your mental and emotional energy streams. A therapeutic massage from Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. will provide a range of invaluable benefits for your mind and body.

On top of that, our personalized approach to therapeutic massage is emphasized by the fact that we will not only heal your body but also provide real and tangible improvements to your emotional wellbeing including tackling difficult issues like depression, frustration and a lack of motivation.

Three Reasons Why You Should Get a Therapeutic Massage

Many people in Sherwood Park regard massage, and therapeutic massage in particular, as something that is strictly for professional athletes attempting to optimize their performance. However, the fact of the matter is that whether you are an athlete or not, massage can be extremely beneficial to your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. So, whether you are pushing your body to its physical limits on a daily basis because of work, sports or simply by being a parent, you need to realize the many benefits that a therapeutic massage can offer you every single day. At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we take what we do very seriously, and our team of therapeutic massage professionals can deliver real results.

So, whether you are suffering from headaches, sleeplessness, neck pain, jaw pain, carpal tunnel, back pain, or muscle pain of any kind, you can definitely benefit from a massage from us. With that in mind, here are three reasons you should seek out a massage from us today:

  1. Improves Sleeping Habits: It may not come as a surprise to many, but lack of sleep can leave you feeling tired, drained and unfocused. On top of that, it can also cause poor cognitive function and a weakened immune system. What many people fail to realize is that muscle isn’t built during your workout, it’s actually built during down-time or periods of rest. So, regardless of how hard you work in the gym, if you don’t rest up or receive a massage, you are reducing the effectiveness of your workout. Massage increases sleeping patterns and enhances serotonin levels right away.
  2. Relieves Muscle Soreness: Anyone who has been to a gym knows the feeling the next day, right? That sense of soreness you feel a day or two after a heavy workout can be tough. In the industry, we refer to this pain as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or (DOMS). Without getting too technical, DOMS is a product of inflammation caused by tiny tears in connective tissue that results in pain. Although it may seem counterintuitive, these tears are good and can help rebuild muscle—but getting stronger doesn’t have to be painful. In brief, massage can help decrease these symptoms by flushing inflammation from the tissue and relieving the pressure acting on pain receptors.
  3. Reduces Injury Risk: What many people don’t know is that heavily exercised muscles can lose their ability to relax, resulting in a loss of flexibility. This approach creates a high risk for connective tissue injury. The great thing about therapeutic massage is that it improves blood flow to your tissues, thereby aiding in the removal of metabolic waste, increasing oxygen supply, eliminating lactic acid build-up and improving cellular nutrition. As a result, increased elasticity, improved power and better performance are a given and can make your entire body feel better for longer. Why suffer in silence when the premier therapeutic massage team is here for you to use.

Our Therapeutic Massage Process

When you come to our clinic in search of a therapeutic massage you can rest assured that you will receive a treatment that will make all your aches and pains disappear. So, whether you have pain in your hips, tight shoulders, or a spasm in your lower back, our highly skilled team will stick to the following four steps closely for optimal results:

  1. Assess Your Current Condition: What this means is that before we do anything, we will take a close and detailed history of your condition, which will include asking questions about the length of time that you have experienced the pain for, whether the onset was sudden and how you experience the pain. Our therapist will then observe the way you move, test your range of motion and feel the tissue during the treatment for consistency and texture.
  2. Plan Proposal: Once our therapist has a had a good diagnosis of your condition, they will be able to propose an adequate treatment plan. For some of our clients, this might include something as simple as focusing on your area of complaint—shoulders, lower back, right hip, etc.,—rather than trying to do a full-body massage during one session. Alternatively, the therapist may recommend a series of sessions at recommended levels and indicate the kind of progress that you can expect during this time. On top of that, they may recommend other ways of treating the problem including the use of ice, heat or hydrotherapy.
  3. Massage: As is quite self-explanatory this involves the actual massage itself based on the assessment that you have agreed to. The plan that has been designed for you will inform the massage you receive so, again, it is very important that you express all aspects of the pain you are experiencing clearly.
  4. Outcome Evaluation: When the treatment is completed, and you and your therapist sit down to discuss the progress, you will be asked a number of important questions designed to assess how you feel at that moment. The questions will include topics such as: Is the pain less? Is there more mobility in the joint? Has your posture improved? Upon the basis of these results, the therapist can recommend additional sessions and increased frequency if necessary. They may also recommend additional treatments as this can expedite the healing time. An evaluation will take place at the end of each session to determine the continued course of therapy.

Therapeutic Massage vs. Deep Tissue

Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage that helps relieve pain, reduce stress and works on a specific problem such as a frozen shoulder or a neck crick. Some people mistakenly assume that therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage are the same thing, but this is not the case. A good therapist, like the ones we employ, will apply the specific techniques and apply the right amount of pressure needed to address your issue. Sometimes this will involve a lighter touch.

What’s the Difference Between Therapeutic Massage and Relaxation Massage?

We get this question pretty often at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. A lot of the confusion comes from people who’ve had massages at spas. Many spas, after all, employ registered massage therapists (RMTs). This allows them to offer receipts for massages that clients will be able to pass on to insurance companies. But does that mean they’re offering therapeutic massage? Not necessarily. The best thing to do is to do a lot of research before booking an appointment. And to help you with your research we’re going to offer some information on the difference between therapeutic massage and relaxation massage.

Masseuses and Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs)

Here at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we employ registered massage therapists to do our therapeutic massage. That means they’ve completed the minimum 2,200 hours of training and have taken the requisite courses in human anatomy, kinesiology, sports medicine, and more. This training gives our RMTs the advantage of greater control and more in-depth knowledge of the body.

At many spas, you might not get a massage from an RMT. That’s not to say it’s a bad massage. The masseuse will likely have had lots of training on and off the job. But they won’t have the in-depth knowledge of the human body that allows RMTs to construct personalized massage regimens tailored to your specific needs. And in most cases, that’s not what you’re looking for at a spa anyway! At the spa, you’re looking for a massage that will lower your stress, relax your muscles, increase blood flow and circulation. It’s not therapy, but it feels great!

Therapeutic Massage Takes a Scientific Approach to the Body

This is the big difference between regular massage and therapeutic massage. What it means is that when you come to the RMTs at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. your visit starts with a full consultation. If a doctor has recommended therapeutic massage as part of a treatment or rehabilitation program, we will consult the necessary records. We’ll figure out how you’re feeling and what your problem areas are in order to tailor a massage therapy regimen that will help your condition.

In many cases, therapeutic massage is relaxing. But that’s not the point. The point is to help you in the process of recovery. To help you build muscle. To give you relief from pain. The list goes on. The RMTs at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. are not merely masseuses. They understand the science behind the human body and strive to help their clients live more fulfilling lives through massage therapy.

As the trusted clinic for professional athletes in Sherwood Park, Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. recognizes the importance of getting our patients back in the game. In fact, we’re the trusted massage therapy clinic for NHL players in Edmonton. We take our jobs very seriously.

If you’re interested in therapeutic massage in Sherwood Park, contact us today. Let our RMTs work their magic so you can start feeling like yourself again!

Here for You Seven Days a Week

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we know that it is not always possible to fit a therapeutic massage into your weekly schedule, no matter how badly needed it is! The dual responsibilities of working and family life can mean that finding time for yourself is often difficult but by having extended opening hours on Saturdays and Sundays, we feel that we have helped remedy this problem very effectively.

So, whether you want a half-day treatment with a therapeutic massage as the focal point or only have an hour to spare, we can tailor a massage that will best meet your needs.

Call Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. Today

If you are like many of our clients in Sherwood Park, then you probably put others’ needs and wants ahead of your own. Well, now is the time to change that. Call us and treat yourself to a therapeutic massage like no other—you won’t regret it.