Therapeutic Massage in Leduc

If you would describe your aches and pains as chronic, then you really need to consider getting a therapeutic massage from Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we are committed to providing the best possible care to each and every one of our clients, whether they are seeking relief from injury or chronic illness.

Whenever we take on a new client, we conduct a detailed consultation to establish their health history and assess their goals for the future. Whether it’s simply relief from pain or you want to regain the full range of motion in your shoulder, our team of massage therapists are consistently recognized for their professional excellence and are ready to do whatever they can to help you achieve your goals.

Therapeutic goals vary from client to client, which is why we approach every individual case with an open mind and tailor our techniques depending on your individual needs. For more information about what our licensed massage therapists can do for you, give us a call at (780) 466-8992 to speak with us directly.


Experience the Benefits of Our Therapeutic Massages

We use massage techniques that have been scientifically shown to soothe pain, induce comfort, and promote well-being. Our evidence-based approach ensures that our massages provide maximum results with little to no discomfort. Take advantage and experience the numerous benefits that come with our massage therapy:

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Faster Injury Recovery
  • Greater Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • A Complimentary Cup of Tea
  • …and more!

A Team of Experienced, Certified Massage Therapists

Our therapists are licensed and certified professionals. Combining years of training and experience, they bring to the table unmatched skill, unbridled talent, and an unwavering commitment to their craft. Their expertise is what makes us Leduc’s top choice for therapeutic massage services.

Our massage therapists are also customer care experts. They strive to provide the highest level of customer service possible, namely by welcoming guests, helping them feel comfortable, and establishing a friendly rapport with each of them. They create a calm, intimate atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy themselves. At the same time, our therapists always adhere to the strictest standards for professionalism. They ensure that all clients feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

Personalized Massage Care Plans

Tailored for You

We provide a customized care plan for each patient that visits us. When you contact us, we’ll first sit down with you in a one-on-one consultation, where we’ll listen to what you want out of our services. Based on the information you provide we’ll then develop a custom massage treatment program. Each program is tailored according to each person’s precise needs. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, experiencing back pain, or suffering from undue anxiety, we’ll work with you to ensure that our massages alleviate your issue, providing long-lasting and effective relief.

Restore well-being to your life. Contact us today.

Mobile Massage Therapy

We provide massage therapy not just at our clinic, but also in the comfort of your home or office! We offer mobile massages for sports teams, offices, and other groups in need of a therapy session. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, especially for employers and coaches who want to reward their team, boost morale, and improve productivity.

Many workplaces have already taken advantage of our mobile massage services. We want you to be next.

Book your mobile session today — a minimum of 3 people per booking.

The Best Massage Clinic You’ll Ever Visit

We Guarantee It

We know that we’re the best massage clinic in the local area. We combine years of experience, a customer-focused approach, and scientifically-sound practices, making our services safe, effective, and trustworthy.

Because we’re confident in the quality of our services, we’re willing to back what we say with a satisfaction guarantee. If our clinic is not the best that you’ve ever been to, we want to know it. Tell us about a better experience you’ve had, and we will give you 50% off your massage.

Rest assured: when you choose Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., you’re in the hands of the best in the business. We guarantee it.

What Exactly Is a Therapeutic Massage?

Unless you have been getting massages for years and years or have studied to become a licensed massage therapist, you might not be totally clear on the different types of massages we offer at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.

For example, our team regularly encounters people inquiring about therapeutic massage when what they should really be looking for a relaxation massage at a local spa. And while we certainly agree that getting a little rest and relaxation can certainly feel therapeutic, it isn’t technically a therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage administered by professional, licensed massage therapists for people with specific health needs. They are often recommended or referred by health care professionals to help relieve pain from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, muscles spasms, back pain, tendonitis, etc.

Unlike a regular relaxation massage, when you get a therapeutic massage from one of Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.’s registered massage therapists, you be asked to complete a questionnaire about your health needs and goals. With the help of this questionnaire, we can then move forward in administering a tailored treatment to address your needs and meet your goals. If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, for example, we will then focus on how we can relieve your neck pain.

Because our goal is to help our clients relieve pain and tension in their bodies, do not hesitate to speak up, ask questions or guide our massage therapists through the treatment. A therapeutic massage truly is a collaboration. Everyone’s bodies, while the same on paper, respond differently in practice. So, what might have worked for one client with injured knees might not work for your knee pain. Rather than plough ahead and subject you to any unnecessary discomfort, we encourage all our clients to give our therapists the feedback they need to administer the best possible treatment. When you do work with our massage therapists, we can help you get the relief you need.

Therapeutic vs. Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps pain, reduce stress and work through specific problems any given client is suffering from. People tend to assume that therapeutic massage is a deep tissue massage and expect something very intense. Deep tissue is great at breaking down scar tissue and getting your blood flowing, but it might not necessarily be what you need.

Deep tissue massages can often be used to relieve a client’s chronic pain, but we will only go down that road if our massage therapists truly feel like it is in your best interests to receive this type of treatment. If you receive a massage that isn’t as intense as the deep tissue you had imagined in the lead up to your treatment, don’t be disappointed. We are just feeling out what works best. If you feel the need to ramp up the intensity, please feel free to discuss it with your massage therapist.

How Therapeutic Massage Can Help You

A therapeutic massage isn’t the same thing people splurge on when they spend the day at a spa. It is a combination of relaxation and remedial massage. This means, its intention is not just to relax your body but to work through some of the muscular issues you may be experiencing.

With this type of massage, we not only can work through the tight, stiff or sore areas of your body but we can also improve your body’s circulation, which enhances the delivery of oxygen and other important nutrients to your muscles and helps remove waste products or reduce swelling. This is why therapeutic massage has been known to be very beneficial in treating inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.

Therapeutic massage has also been known to induce a relaxation response, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure while boosting your immune system and generally decreases the physical effects of stress.

What Happens During a Therapeutic Massage?

If this is your first time getting a therapeutic massage at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., the first step is to review your medical history and ask your therapist questions. Because therapeutic massage can affect multiple systems in the body, like the cardiovascular and the nervous system, we need to know what we are working with so as not to upset the balance within your body. We also need to know about any pharmaceutical or homeopathic medicines you might be taking so that we can rule out certain techniques that you might not be suited for.

Once we have determined the therapeutic massage that works best for your body in its current situation, we will do whatever we can to make sure that you are as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. The whole point of this process is to increase your comfort by relaxing your muscles or alleviating pressure points throughout your body. We invite our clients to be vocal whenever something doesn’t feel good and we will readjust based on how you respond to the treatment.

Ultimately, what happens during a therapeutic massage is determined by your unique situation and how your body responds to the treatment we administer. So, if you want to schedule a consultation to determine what would work best for you, give us a call at (780) 466-8992 today.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage has been used to treat many different conditions including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • General wellbeing
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Low immunity
  • Minor injuries

If you are interested in pursuing therapeutic massage as a form of treatment for pain or discomfort you are experiencing regularly, consult with your primary health care provider and give us a call at (780) 466-8992 once you have the green light.

You should avoid getting a therapeutic massage if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Any infection or disease
  • A systemic infection, i.e., a bacterial or fungal infection
  • Certain types of cancer like leukemia or lymphoma
  • Severe cold of flu
  • Fractures, bleeding, burns or other acute injury
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Blood clots
  • Pregnancy-induced diabetes, toxemia, eclampsia or pre-eclampsia
  • High blood pressure that is not being regulated by medication
  • Heart disease
  • Open skin lesions or sores

If you have sensitive skin and are worried about your skin breaking out in an allergic reaction, simply let us know when you schedule your appointment and we will make sure to include a note on file to use hypoallergenic creams and oils. At Body Tech Massage Inc., our success depends on the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we always take every precaution necessary with allergies. After all, you can’t be satisfied with your therapeutic massage if it causes a rash or some other unpleasant reaction. As a rule, our massage therapists will confirm that you don’t have any allergies or things of that nature before applying a certain product as a part of the treatment.

Can I Exercise After My Therapeutic Massage?

You might be surprised how often we get this question. The whole point of a therapeutic massage is to relax your body, but some people just can’t wait to get back to pushing it to the limit. We recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before you return to your workout regimen because fast, vigorous movement after a massage is very likely to result in injury.

If you absolutely cannot wait 24 hours, wait at least four hours and make sure to get plenty of water because staying hydrated helps your muscles recover more quickly.

How Often Should You Get Therapeutic Massages?

The frequency of your massages depends on your goals and your lifestyle. Regular massages work best when on a four to six-week basis. When you come in to Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. for your consultation, we discuss the recommended frequency and how it fits within your budget, insurance provider and doctor’s orders.

How Therapeutic Massage Combats Anxiety

Most people think of anxiety as a mental disorder. But when the symptoms include physical effects like fatigue, muscle tension, headaches, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, hot flashes, fainting, and more, it’s hard to argue that it’s purely mental. Moreover, studies show that somewhere around 6.8 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. It makes you wonder whether we’re approaching the problem from the right angle? Can anxiety be combatted with drugs alone? Or do we need a more complete picture that takes account of the body too?

We’re not here to dispute the effectiveness of drugs. But studies show that therapeutic massage can have positive effects on those suffering from generalized anxiety disorders. For those of us who have looked into the history of massage, this isn’t surprising at all. In various forms, massage has been used to treat anxiety and stress for thousands of years.

Nowadays we use specialized techniques that have been developed to combat the anxiety that’s specific to the modern world. The stresses are different in the modern world. For example, many people who suffer from anxiety build tension in their shoulders. This is amplified by the fact that they sit while driving their car to work, then sit at their desk all day, then drive back home, then sit for the evening to relax. Sitting for such a long period of time can be hard on the lower back and shoulders. Therapeutic massage can help reduce the build-up of tension in sensitive areas of the body.

One of the most common symptoms of anxiety is tense muscles. This can reach a point at which the muscles seize up. Many people with anxiety disorders, therefore, have unusually sore necks, knees, backs, jaws, etc. The trained massage therapists at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. will work through these areas of extreme tension. This will alleviate some of the symptoms that can turn general anxiety into panic attacks and later, chronic pain.

As we stated above, every therapy session begins with a consultation to determine the exact needs of each individual client. This is the only way to ensure that you get the therapy you need, for the issues that are affecting you. More generally, it’s also a way to guarantee that therapeutic massage is the treatment you need.

Remember that therapeutic massage is not a cure-all. It is a way of fighting specific symptoms associated with anxiety. It is not a way of getting to the root of anxiety. However, because it combats many of the symptoms, the decrease in overall stress can allow patients to better confront the underlying causes. It leaves patients relaxed and open to the possibility of dramatic life changes. In this way, therapeutic massage at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. can be used as a tool for overcoming anxiety.

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