Therapeutic Massage in Edmonton

When it comes to injury prevention, wellness, and treating pain, the experts at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. understand that every patient's needs are unique. We specialize in addressing sports therapy needs from providing injury prevention techniques to relieving pain through exercising and administering intensive rehabilitation after an injury. We understand that a fast recovery is crucial for most athletes, and we work with you to get you on the road to recovery quickly.

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we take recovery very seriously. Our licensed, experienced masseuses are passionate about helping our clients heal their bodies through the practice of massage. Massage Therpay has been proven to aid in the effective healing and reparation of muscles, joints, and tissues of the body.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we know that there are many benefits of massage therapy that go beyond just the physical sensation. The following are just a few to consider:

Relaxation & Stress Relief

A good massage will encourage relaxation and stress relief in the body and in the brain. Massage also affects to the nervous system and allows for our muscles and joints to repair effectively. Stress relief is extremely beneficial in the overall rejuvenation of the body’s cells and hormonal balance which are heavily relied upon when recovering from an injury. Massages have been proven to lower heart rate and cortisol levels which significantly aid in repairing the body’s tissues.

Improve Your Circulation

Therapeutic massage encourages blood flow to areas that can be congested. This allows for better body function and for the injured parts of your body to receive blood flow for rebuilding. Furthermore, regular massage will aid in the flow of oxygen in the body which greatly improves your chances of recovering after an operation or injury.

Restore Your Vitality, Energy, and Mobility

Types of Massages at Body Tech

We are proud to offer a number of different massage therapies to our Edmonton clients. Each therapy has its own benefits and specializations, so please take the time to read a little bit about what our massage therapies can do for you.

Deep Tissue Massage: As the name suggests, this therapy goes deep into the muscle structures of the body to relieve tension and pain. Muscles overlap, leading to some pain that cannot be treated by therapies focusing on the skin, fascia, and the top layer of muscle. By using firm pressure and slow strokes, a therapist is able to break up scar tissue and rigid tissues that can hinder both blood flow and mobility. This is an excellent choice for those in Edmonton who suffer from chronic pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and sciatica, to name a few.

Hot Stone Massage: In order to loosen the muscles so that they can properly relax, they need to be warm. This is the reason why people take hot baths or showers when they have muscle pain. Warm muscles have better blood flow and better mobility. From a massage therapy point of view, heat allows for easier manipulation of the muscles and a faster healing process. A hot stone massage is a practice that uses heated and smooth stones of varying sizes. The rocks are warmed by hot water and placed on specific areas of the body, where muscles are strained or cramped. The stones act both as a way to warm the muscles and as a massage tool that can be used to soothe tension and remove knots. The therapy can help those in Edmonton who suffer from back pain and osteoarthritis, and can even help those with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Reiki Healing: Based on ancient energy healing techniques from Japan, Reiki healing principles include the belief that the body is designed to heal itself. However, energy or chi blockages can impede the healing process and reiki clears the pent-up energy. The mental tension you feel also has a physical effect of making you tense; hunching your back and clenching your jaw. In this way, mental energy is directly connected to physical discomfort. So why not give Reiki healing a try. This technique can help those with a wide range of physical and mental ailments.

Sports Massage Therapy: when you are really into a sport or activity it is normal to push yourself too hard. Unfortunately, this can cause pain, sprains and pulled muscles that can stop you from enjoying the activity or even participating in it. Sports massage therapy uses a variety of techniques but is focused on specific areas of concern. If you have an injury or an aggravated muscle that you want healed quickly, this therapy is for you. It also works as a preventative measure. For instance, a runner can see a sports massage specialist to prepare the ankles, knees, legs, and hips for a marathon, so that they have better blood flow and less chance of getting injured.

If you are unsure of which therapy best suits your needs, feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to explain our services to our valued Edmonton clients.

As trained and accredited massage therapists, we are experts at restoring pain-free mobility. We specialize in disability remediation by promoting movement potential and functional ability to return the quality of life you demand as an athlete. Our therapists provide assessment and control of conditions affecting the respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems. We utilize a variety of different therapies and techniques as well as provide ongoing guidance to ensure that our methods improve our clients’ overall health and well-being.

Some Extra Tips

In accordance with your massage therapy regime, the following are some healthy tips and tricks to help you fast track your way to recovery!

Drink Plenty of Water

Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. always recommends to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and aid in cell and tissue restoration. After a massage, it is especially important to drink water as your body can dehydrate by letting go of toxins through sweat.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals will greatly aid in your recovery. A nutrient-dense diet used in conjunction with a massage therapy regime will do wonders for your recovery. Many foods have beneficial enzymes and vitamins which have been used as healing aids for centuries. Incorporate these into your diet and see the changes occur before your eyes!

Get Plenty of Exercise

Doing gentle exercise greatly helps rebuild joint and muscle tissue which aids in the recovery from an injury. Exercise also encourages serotonin secretion in the brain which reduces stress, improves mood, and lowers blood pressure.

Be Kind to Your Body

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we know it is difficult to recover from an injury. Being kind to your body by feeding it whole foods, relaxing it, and treating it to healing practices greatly increases your rate of recovery. Our bodies respond to the words we tell them, and it is very helpful to positively affirm your gratitude and love for your body, even if it is injured. Consider using some positive affirmations daily and watch as your recovery speeds up! We combine techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and massage therapy to assess and treat your injuries and create a customized recovery plan for you, which includes:

  • • Rehabilitation and education
  • • Therapy and exercises
  • • Customized patient care
  • • Mobile massage

Sports injuries are commonly the result of inadequate training methods, unsafe exercise environments, or weak ligaments, tendons, and muscles. For instance, muscles require at least 48 hours to recover after an intense workout. Not stopping when pain develops during exercise or activity and increasing exercise intensity too quickly can result in serious injury. We conveniently serve the entire Edmonton, area with a goal of offering the best care possible for each client seeking relief from an injury.

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