Sport Massage Therapy in Edmonton

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

It is very common for athletes and people who partake in sporting activities to experience pain and stiffness in their muscles and joints. An injury such as a sprain, bruise or a pulled muscle is also very common. If these injuries and sprains are not treated, a person may experience chronic symptoms in their muscles and joints.

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we specialize in sports therapy massage as well as other kinds of massage services. It is our goal to help our clients recover as soon as possible so that they can get back to performing the activities that they are passionate about. Our Edmonton team of licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable staff will get you back on your feet in no time!

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy aids in the restoration of areas of the body that undergo the most amount of stress before during and after a sporting activity. Due to its effectiveness and versatility, receiving regular massage therapy is beneficial to all people, not just professional athletes. Occasional jogging, hiking and bicycling can cause stress and pain in certain areas of our bodies. At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we perform massage therapy on many people, including athletes. The following are some benefits of regular massage therapy:

• Improve Range of Motion

Our team of knowledgeable professionals will do a full kinetic body exam which will determine if there are areas in your body that lack range of motion. We will help you reach your full potential range of motion by performing manual massage and aiding you with exercises and stretching.

• Recover from a Sports Injury

Sports therapy massage is extremely beneficial in the recovery from a sports injury. The techniques that we employ at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. are specifically designed to effectively treat sports injuries.

• Prepare for Sports Training and Competition

Many athletes undergo rigorous training for the preparation of athletic competitions. This training is often hard on one's body, muscle tissue and joints. Our Edmonton team of professionals will work with you and your body to create a customized massage therapy plan to ensure that your joints and muscles are in top working order before, during, and after your training.

• Restore Muscle

Manual massage is very popular due to its many benefits of restoring the body post sport activity. Manual massage releases lactic acid in the muscles which aids in restoration and building more muscle tissue.

• Build Stronger Muscle Tissue

Incorporating sports therapy massage in your athletic training will help your muscles build up the necessary tissue to be resilient to future damage. Repetitive movements and strains on localized areas of the body can cause chronic problems over time. Incorporating a regular sport massage therapy routine into your training will drastically aid in the prevention of future damages to your joints and muscles.

Reduce Pain

The majority of pain that comes from physical activity in our Edmonton clients is related to muscles through spasms, cramps or the straining of fatigued connective tissue that was pushed too far. A sports massage works on the area in question and the surrounding structural support to relax the muscles and make them more pliable. Muscle pain, spasms and cramps happen because your body is trying to tell you to stop because if you keep going your injuries will be severe. However, if they persist once the workout is over it is because your body doesn’t know that it can relax. Sports massage, along with its many other benefits, ‘tells’ the muscles and connective tissue that it is okay to relax, leading to a reduction in pain and discomfort.

Supply of Oxygen and Nutrients

Damaged muscle tissue restricts blood flow by constricting the veins. A sports massage opens up these blockages, increasing blood flow and improving the healing process. However, even if the muscle is undamaged a therapy session performed by a professional will increase blood flow and bring more oxygen and nutrients to the fibers, increasing not only the muscles functionality but also its recovery and growth potential.

The Extra Benefits of Seeing a Sports Massage Therapist

Seeing a trained professional in Edmonton is not only a benefit to the pain you feel in the moment or as a way to prevent pain at your next training session. Our experts will also be able to give you tips and guidelines on how to help your particular body and workout routine.

For instance, if you continuously receive lower back pain after a training session, then we will be able to give you stretches and exercise that can target the specific muscle group to lessen the chance of a flair up. If you find that there are a few issues that show up again and again after your keeping fit routine, then mention that to the therapist so that they can improve the area and give you useful information on how to defend against and diminish pain.

What to Expect?

This is a very common question that we here at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. get from the people of Edmonton who have never been treated to a professional massage before.

Will it Hurt? - As sports massage often incorporates aspects of deep tissue massage, clients are concerned about pain and discomfort. Your therapist will work the muscles thoroughly but will always be receptive to your comfort level and you can always communicate to them the amount of pressure that is right for you. Individuals have different thresholds when it comes to deep tissue massage and we respect and honor the wishes of our clients.

Will I need to go once or several times? - This depends on the needs of the individual. Many of our Edmonton clients can be treated within one session. However, if a muscle problem has been building for months or even years then it is unlikely that a single trip to a massage therapist will solve the issue completely.

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