Sports Massage in Edmonton

The highly experienced and qualified massage therapists at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. are pleased to offer exceptional athletic and sports massage services. Active people place highly strenuous demands on their bodies, and our massage therapy services help you accelerate your recoveries. We will help you find freedom from stiffness, discomfort or fatigue caused by taxing and repetitive physical movement.

Our well-equipped facility has all the resources necessary for beneficial, energizing sports massage. We are pleased to offer our expertise and advice at competitive rates. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!


Outstanding Sports Massage Services Tailored to Your Needs

Your athletic performance and mindset can be significantly enhanced by sports massage. Sports massage is a powerful fusion of mind and body, giving you greater self-awareness and knowledge of movement, recovery, and range of motion. Sports massage is a key component of athletic therapy, and our massage therapists take an individualized approach to each athlete, regardless of your sport, event or specialty.

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Reduce the Risk of Sports Injuries with Sports Massage

Athletic massage offers many benefits. It allows you to properly address injuries and tension, in turn helping you to prevent and reduce the risk of future injuries.

We work alongside you to realize your priorities and goals, easing your body into a state of relaxation and release. We’ll assist with muscle recovery and regrowth, flexibility, and strengthening. You’ll emerge from your session feeling profoundly relaxed yet energized to continue your training.

Book Your Sports Massage Appointment for Greater Speed, Strength, and Endurance

With regular sports massage sessions, you gain many benefits. Athlete’s massage helps your body recover more quickly and effectively, and reduces cramps and tension associated with strenuous exercise.

The advantages of sports massage are multi-faceted for both professional and amateur athletes. The physical benefits include:

  • Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Loose Muscles
  • Reduced Chronic Pain
  • Calming of the Central Nervous System

Additionally, sports massage has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, promote good sleeping schedules, improve concentration, and foster a general sense of confidence and well-being.

Massage Therapists with Years of Dependable Experience

Our massage therapists have been serving the Edmonton community for many years. We have completed vast training in athletic treatments and have extensive qualifications.

We have successfully served athletes in a variety of sports and events and customize our services and treatments to the needs of each athlete. Our knowledge of athletic therapy is unmatched, and we help athletes push their limits every day.

We can also provide expert recommendations and advice for any of your athletic needs.

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If you are an athletically inclined individual and need profound, restorative sports massage, look no further than Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc..

We have the experience and resources to improve your athletic performance like never before.

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Sports Massage Therapist in Edmonton

Athletes require different things than other patients, and at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. we understand that. Our massage programs are uniquely tailored to the individual needs of each athlete we treat, and many of our massage therapists are also sports therapy specialists.

If you're an athlete, experiencing an injury can a devastating experience. Our aim is to help guide you towards recovery, and to have you back in action as soon as your health permits.

Why is it Necessary?

Sports massage is an excellent option for many Edmonton athletes. Some choose to use sports massage in a preventative context, where therapists provide athletes with advice and information on how to prevent injuries from happening in the future.

For others, massage is used to treat existing injuries. With the skilled hand of our licensed, experienced massage therapists, injured athletes can start to heal.

In an indirect way, participating in sports massage can make athletes stronger, faster and increase your overall performance. Sports massage tweaks your body to a state of higher efficiency so that you can get a boost in your performance. Sports massage does this by breaking down muscle adhesions, relieving knots, increasing ranges of motion, decreasing pain, increasing circulation, stretching tight muscles, reducing stiffness and generally reducing the negative after-effects of pushing your body to the limit.

Furthermore, sports massage administered by a trained professional can help reduce your recovery time. By reducing swelling and edema associated with soft tissue injuries, the time it would normally take you to heal is greatly reduced. Beyond recovering from injuries faster than normal, regular sports massage can help extend your athletic career. The main cause of diminishing athletic ability is due to years or microtrauma from maximum exertion coupled with the cumulative results of old and unresolved sports injuries. The effects of these microtraumas are lessened when receiving regular treatment from one of Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.’s trained professionals. Slowing down isn’t as imminent as it may seem when you have certified massage therapists looking out for your best interests regularly.

To find out more about what we can do to extend your career and help you heal faster, give us a call today.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., there are a few key areas we focus on when it comes to treating an athletic injury.

To aid in rehabilitation, we provide many types of targeted massage, as well as acupuncture treatment. By developing a healing plan that is unique to your specific needs, we are able to treat every injury with the attention and care it deserves.

Recovery is the ultimate goal of our services. Taking time off from your passion because of an injury can take its toll on you in a number of ways, but through our holistic approach to healing, your absence from the sports world will be as brief as possible.

Education is Everything

In our experience, education is one of the most significant factors in sports injuries. Simply not being aware of proper exercise techniques can put you at risk for a wide range of injuries.

Whether it's not being knowledgeable of the importance of properly stretching before starting a workout, or not understanding how to be challenged without pushing yourself to the point of injury, education is an essential instrument in preventing injuries.

Develop Good Habits

By emphasizing education as a preventative tool, Edmonton athletes can gain key insight into how to avoid injuries in the future.

We've made a name for ourselves by acting as a resource for athletes looking to educate themselves on the dangers of incorrect exercise habits, so whether you've experienced an injury or are just looking to learn a bit more about how to properly workout, we're here to help.

Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage

There are many similarities between sports massage therapy and deep tissue massage and it is important for clients to know the difference so they are getting the right treatment for their specific aches and pains.

One of the reasons why people think sports massage and deep tissue massage are interchangeable is because of the strokes they employ. They both use kneading, circular movements, tapping and vibrations, however sports massages are more focused on sports-related areas of pain. Sports massage is dedicated to improving an athlete’s performance, boosting flexibility, recovery from injuries and preventing future injuries related to an athletic activity. Meanwhile, deep tissue isn’t motivated by something so specific. There are a number of reasons why someone would pursue a deep tissue massage, including reducing toxins in the body, relieving stress, improving circulation, reducing tension and reducing physical pain.

Even if you work out regularly, sports massages are mostly limited to serious athletes. That is not to suggest that your exercise regimen isn’t serious, but if you are not training most days of the week for a professional, collegiate or high school level sport, you probably don’t need a sports massage. Athletes will typically use massage as a part of a pre- or post-game warmup to reduce the chances of their muscles cramping. Deep tissue massage is available to all clients, regardless of their involvement in sports. So, even if you have experienced an injury while working out or exercising but it’s not something that occupies a large portion of your time, you are more than likely to benefit from a deep tissue massage over the sports variety. At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we are proud to provide Edmontonians with both. Just drop us a line to describe your symptoms and your situation and we’ll be happy to recommend the next course of action.

Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of Sports Massage

1. Be Careful When You Schedule a Sports Massage Appointment

For the newbie, sports massages can strain unexpected parts of the body. For athletes that that are not familiar with sports massage in general, or with the techniques of a new sports massage therapist, we recommend booking a massage at least two days in advance of competition day. Getting a sports massage too close to the competition means you could feel sore when you need to feel your best. It’s a little like wearing a brand new pair of shoes on race-day: you could end up with sore and bloody feet. Give your body some time to acclimatize or book an appointment after the big day.

2. Make Sure You Can Trust Your Therapist

It’s important to know that your sports massage therapist is qualified to do the body-work you want them to do. Be sure to ask the right questions before booking an appointment. Find out things like:

  • The number of years practicing sports massage professionally
  • The type and level of official training
  • The kinds of athletes they work with
  • One or more areas of specialization

Make sure to inquire about certification and licenses. If you’re unsure, just ask for a referral from a trusted source.

3. Remember to Drink Water Before and After

As with any physical activity, staying hydrated is an important part of sports massage therapy. Arriving at a massage therapy session dehydrated can mean sore muscles and a more painful massage. In this case, pain doesn’t equal gain! Make sure to drink lots of water beforehand.

There’s a rumour that it’s necessary to drink even more water after a massage to flush out the toxins released during the session. This simply isn’t true. There are no toxins released during the massage. Instead, massage helps the recovery from lactic acid and other toxins, but it doesn’t get rid of them. Keep drinking a regular amount of water after the massage.

4. Speaking of Pain: Sports Massage Does Not Have to Hurt

Another common misconception is that feeling pain during a sports massage is a sign that it’s working well. People often say that you need to brace yourself and the benefits will follow. The reality is that while some pain might be part of it, excruciating pain probably isn’t. Just speak to your therapist and let them know that it’s too much. They may be able to help organize your therapy session in a better way.

5. Eat a Light Meal Before Your Appointment

Unlike that big meal you eat after a race or competition, you want to keep your pre-massage meal light. Not only will it feel better to lay on your stomach, but massage therapy can actually slow your digestive processes down. With a full stomach, you could end up feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

6. Sports Massage Is Not a Trip to the Spa

Remember that you’re not getting a sports massage to relax. The sports massage therapist is there to help you recover and build tissue. It can be painful and you might even feel bad after the session is over. But give it time. A couple days after a good sports massage appointment and you’ll feel like you stepped into a new body!

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