Sports Massage in Edmonton

Athletes require different things than other patients, and at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. we understand that. Our massage programs are uniquely tailored to the individual needs of each athlete we treat, and many of our massage therapists are also sports therapy specialists.

If you're an athlete, experiencing an injury can a devastating experience. Our aim is to help guide you towards recovery, and to have you back in action as soon as your health permits.

Why is it Necessary?

Sports massage is an excellent option for many Edmonton athletes. Some choose to use sports massage in a preventative context, where therapists provide athletes with advice and information on how to prevent injuries from happening in the future.

For others, massage is used to treat existing injuries. With the skilled hand of our licensed, experienced massage therapists, injured athletes can start to heal.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., there are a few key areas we focus on when it comes to treating an athletic injury.

To aid in rehabilitation, we provide many types of targeted massage, as well as acupuncture treatment. By developing a healing plan that is unique to your specific needs, we are able to treat every injury with the attention and care it deserves.

Recovery is the ultimate goal of our services. Taking time off from your passion because of an injury can take its toll on you in a number of ways, but through our holistic approach to healing, your absence from the sports world will be as brief as possible.

Education is Everything

In our experience, education is one of the most significant factors in sports injuries. Simply not being aware of proper exercise techniques can put you at risk for a wide range of injuries.

Whether it's not being knowledgeable of the importance of properly stretching before starting a workout, or not understanding how to be challenged without pushing yourself to the point of injury, education is an essential instrument in preventing injuries.

Develop Good Habits

By emphasizing education as a preventative tool, Edmonton athletes can gain key insight into how to avoid injuries in the future.

We've made a name for ourselves by acting as a resource for athletes looking to educate themselves on the dangers of incorrect exercise habits, so whether you've experienced an injury or are just looking to learn a bit more about how to properly workout, we're here to help.

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If you're an athlete in the Edmonton area who has experienced an injury, or if you are hoping to get some tips and tricks for how to maximize your athletic prowess without hurting yourself, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

We are committed to integrity and compassion at all times, and look forward to the opportunity to help you heal.