Prenatal Massage in Edmonton

Massage Therapy for Physical and Mental Well Being during Pregnancy

Naturally, a woman's body undergoes a range of physical and emotional changes during pregnancy that may manifest into various forms of physical and emotional discomfort. Therapeutic massage is an effective and soothing recuperative tool to address these concerns and help to restore wellbeing.

Gentle Massage Techniques During Your Pregnancy

Generally, the added weight of a developing baby will place increased strain on various areas of a woman's body during pregnancy. Notably, the back, neck, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles are particularly vulnerable during this time. Body Tech Therapeutic Massage therapists have designed exclusive techniques that incorporate the gentle manipulation of soft tissue to soothe prenatal physical tension. Tendons and ligaments are moderately stretched to relieve any discomfort and soreness and to also induce a state of relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage Experts

Our Edmonton registered massage therapists are well versed in following strict precautions when administering prenatal massage therapy and make the health and well-being of both mother and baby their top priority. In addition to being certified massage experts, Body Tech Massage provides massage tables specially designed for pregnant women for added safety and comfort.

Are Prenatal Massages Safe?

The question we encounter the most at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage about prenatal massages come from pregnant women wondering if this type of massage is safe. This concern is understandable because the safety and health of the pregnant woman and fetus is paramount. Let us reassure you now that this procedure is absolutely safe because we only hire registered massage therapists who are specially trained in this type of massage.

However, we still do recommend that you check with your doctor before scheduling an appointment, especially if you have a high-risk condition.

Otherwise, it is perfectly safe and beneficial to receive this type of treatment from a certified professional. If you have any questions or concerns about getting a prenatal massage, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

  • Improves sleep: Poor sleep and insomnia are common in pregnancy, but new research shows links between the quality and quantity of a pregnant woman’s sleep and complications at birth. Difficulty sleeping can mean low birth weight and pre-term birth as the lack of sleep disrupts normal immune system functions.

  • Relieves muscle soreness: No one likes to feel stiff and sore, especially when you are pregnant. By relieving muscle pain, stiffness or soreness, we can help make this process a little bit more comfortable.

  • Reduces stress hormone levels: Having a baby doesn’t lend itself to many moments of relaxation. Unfortunately prolonged stress can have a negative effect on your baby. It is possible for stress hormones and chemicals to penetrate the placenta and reach the baby. This can have an adverse effect on your child later in life. Allowing yourself to relax even in the face of this stressful period is important and will pay off later on when you’re parenting.

  • Helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure: Women with high blood pressure are at higher risk for complications during pregnancy. Maintaining a normal blood pressure is very important, which why we are proud to be able to provide this service for expecting mothers.

  • Reduces swelling: If you are currently or have been pregnant before, you already know that there is nothing more uncomfortable than the swelling many pregnant women experience. Wouldn’t you agree that you could use some relief?

  • Helps to prepare the body for labour: During prenatal massage sessions, our massage therapists will help you learn how to relax your body and bring focus to your breathing. This will help prepare your body for the intensity of labour.

Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff

Many studies reveal that therapeutic massage during pregnancy can improve mood, induce relaxation, decrease depression and reduce physical symptoms such as swelling. Body Tech Massage therapists adapt treatment techniques to your particular concerns and according to the recommendations of your doctor and other health care providers. The caring staff at our Edmonton massage therapy center is trained to apply gentle techniques that help to relieve both physical and mental symptoms during pregnancy and ensure the utmost in security and relaxation.

Call us for more information and to schedule an appointment!

Postnatal Massage

After your pregnancy, you will likely experience a great deal of stress. Adjusting to a new life is never easy, and that is especially true for new mothers. Finding the time to pay a visit to Body Tech Massage could be very beneficial to reduce and relieve stress as you get ready for your new responsibility in life. This is particularly important for mothers who would like to return to an active lifestyle. The emotional and physical benefits new mothers can reap from massage therapy cannot be underestimated as they undergo this transition.

Physically, massage therapy can help recondition muscles and connective tissues that may have been altered during pregnancy. Massage can also be a useful tool to eliminate excess fluid retention and improve the skin’s elasticity in the overstretched areas. Plus, the stress-relieving powers of massage can be an excellent resource for new mothers.