Mobile Massage Therapy

So what I have done is created a very simple and economical way for you and your staff to be more productive and more efficient. Every company I know wants that! If your company offers massage therapy benefits, we will come to you. How this works is that each employee books an hour with our qualified and registered therapist and then we set up a mobile clinic at your office. Where you ask?

How about your workplace gym? An unused office for the day, maybe even a staff kitchen. We supply everything from the table to the music to the lighting. The employee prepays for the treatment and then our therapist comes with a receipt that allows the employee to claim his refund.


The buzz around the office will be incredible, just ask Flynn Canada who started out with only one day a month and now does 2 days.

You will be so impressed with the reaction and your staff will be so grateful to you. Can you imagine being excited to go to work because you get a massage? This truly is the “new way” in expanding and developing morale in the workplace!

Body Tech believes in overall total body wellness, let us help you!

MINIMUM 3 person bookings