Mobile Massage Therapy in Edmonton

Body Tech Therapeutic Massage now offers massage therapy right to your front door. This ever expanding and popular trend has created quite the stir within the Edmonton holistic and wellness community and with good reason!

It can be real hard catching a break these days; think about it... When was the last time you had more than an hour to yourself? Actual relaxation time, this does not include catching up on errands, napping, internet browsing, or cleaning.

Our fast paced and chaotic lives are not only causing some serious muscle tension; it is creating a nationwide anxiety epidemic. Nearly everyone is suffering from nervousness these days and most don't even realize it. Nor do people recognize that sometimes the cure is as simple as massage therapy.

What is a Mobile Massage and how does it work?

Body Tech knows that Edmonton residents are busy and that your life is full of frustrating hassles. We understand the daily struggle all too well. A mobile massage brings the calmness and comfort of the spa to you.

A great deal of anxiety stems from the fear of not having enough time in your day/life to get everything done. For a stressed individual, even getting organized to go for a spa treatment can cause unnecessary tension. From booking an appointment and rushing to get ready to potential delays like traffic, parking or commute waits/detours will cause added pressure to your already hectic schedule.

By choosing our massage therapy treatment you can get the best of both worlds. A luxury deep tissue massage treatment in the comfort of your own home! No need to rush out the door. You'll be able to sip on your coffee in complete tranquility and wait for our expertly trained and timely massage therapists to come to you.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The health benefits of a professional massage are absolutely endless both physically and mentally! Especially for anyone in the Edmonton area dealing with physical injuries. Whether you are unable to move because of an accident or are experiencing a form of chronic pain. Body Tech will send one of our massage experts your way so that you won't have to worry about exerting yourself.

Improve Your Work Environment

Do you work in a fast paced, high stress work environment in Edmonton? Is your profession causing you a whole of lot tension both mentally and physically? Are your co-workers or employees in need of some serious motivation?

Nothing supports your team more than a spa day! A lot of modernized companies are swapping pizza days for massage days! Just ask Flynn Canada who uses our mobile therapy services twice a month!

This new trend is not only creating a healthier and happier work environment; it is also increasing morale and work productivity. Imagine actually looking forward going to work, on a Friday!

Contact us

Whether you are recuperating from an accident or surgery, overworked, stressed or just looking to improve your overall health and work environment. Body Tech Therapeutic Massage in Edmonton has you covered.

All you have to do is call us to book appointment today, and we can bring that much needed spa experience to you!