Massage Therapy in Edmonton South Side

Are you stressed, overworked, and experiencing some serious muscle and back tension? Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. can help! If you're suffering from severe strain, muscle spasms and recurring aches and pains; it might be time to see a massage specialist.

People tend to confuse the term 'massage therapy' as trivial; something that is unnecessary and extravagant. This could not be further from the truth! Body Tech Massage Therapy Inc. has been serving the Edmonton South Side for a number of years. We have seen with our very own eyes, the positive impact and affects, therapeutic massage has on the mind and body. Massage Treatment will not only help ease current pain but also prevent future strains and get rid of the aches you already have.

How Stress Affects Your Health

As experienced practicing massage therapists, in Edmonton. Body Tech Massage specialists knows just how bad stress is for your mental and physical health. Anxiety will affect your sleep, well-being, vigor, productivity and eating habits. A lot of us think of extreme worry as a mental issue but that is not always the case. Stress means strain or pressure, and within the massage community it relates to both emotional and physical trauma. Often one being the cause of the other, ensuing in a paradox of never-ending ailments.

Why Do I have Back Pain and Body Aches?

Did you know that your masseuse can actually tell what your daily life is like by your muscle tension? We know whether you're an athlete, work a physically demanding job or are stuck sitting and staring at a computer all day long. In other words, you may not understand that constant stabbing pain in your top right shoulder, but we sure do.

Everything affects the body and if you aren't taking care of it, even the slightest most insignificant thing can have a negative impact on it.

  • Your Job: A sit down profession will put strain on your neck, back shoulders and hips. Stooping in front of a computer will create serious knots and could result in future complications if not dealt with properly. In fact, repetitive hunching could result in permanent spine curvature. Same goes for physically demanding jobs, if you are repeatedly doing the same movements or motion, you're likely to experience an injury because of over-stimulation.
  • Your Mattress:An old, lumpy mattress isn't only uncomfortable it will create major back problems. Think about it, you spend at least 6-8 hours sleeping per night, then you go to work and spend another 8 hours either standing or sitting in another fixed position. Your body needs a break and that should come with rest. However, if your bed isn't comfy you will only be adding on to muscle stress. Comfort is an investment worth your time and will save you from experiencing future back and muscle issues,

Feel and Look Healthier, and Contact Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc Today!

It has been proven just how beneficial massage treatments are. There are numerous health benefits from receiving regular massages, and can really change a person's life for the better; as long as you're using a legit, professional service like ours! Not only will you feel better, you'll look better too. If you are in need of a professional massage therapist in the Edmonton South Side, Contact Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. today! We'll have you feeling good as new.