Deep Tissue Massage in Sherwood Park

Are you seeking relief from chronic pain? Do you wish to relieve yourself of intense aches and muscle tension? Then contact Janna Purdy at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.. With 16 years of experience in the field of massage therapy, Janna Purdy has treated clients suffering from all walks of life all of whom have had unique ailments and issues. If you’re seeking relief, look no further. Call (780) 466-8992 to request our services today.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park

Because our massage techniques are often used to treat pains that affect already-sensitive areas like the neck, lower back, shoulders, and legs, an inexperienced masseuse shouldn’t be your first choice. An amateur could easily do more damage to a client’s compromised muscle tissues. With that in mind, taking the time to find the best massage therapist simply makes the most sense.

While there are many massage therapists in the Sherwood Park area, there are few who can cater to the individual needs of so many different people like Janna Purdy and Co. With years of professional experience, the team at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. has provided treatment for athletes, the elderly, those recovering from injuries, people suffering from chronic pain, and more. With a specialized focus on the remediation of disabilities and impairments, our deep tissue massages are the all-natural approach to pain management.

Oh, and did we mention that there is a $20.00 discount on your first visit?

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Registered Massage Therapy in Sherwood Park

When someone’s mobility is limited due to an unfortunate accident or injury, venturing across town can be difficult. A professional massage, rather than fulfilling, can quickly turn into another one of life’s stressors.

Even those who have not been hurt or injured may find it difficult to commute to their local therapeutic massage center. In the era of a 40-hour work week where overtime hours are encouraged, many people don’t clock out until the sun sets. Elderly individuals who’ve seen a decline in their mobility might also be unable to trek across town.

Rather than ask our clients to come to us, we go to them.

Mobile massage therapy is perfect for any person whose days are compromised by hectic schedules or impaired mobility. At your request, we’ll bring our equipment to your home, your office, your local gym, or anywhere else that is suitable. Rest assured, there is no decrease in quality with this added convenience. A massage in our facilities is as effective as a massage in your home office.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy for Arthritis in Sherwood Park

Many people think a body massage is the equivalent to a spa day. While certain massage techniques might have the soothing effect of a spa, our approach has a different aim: pain remediation. Whether we’re providing you with a full-body sports massage or Thai massage, our goal is to reduce unwanted aches and pains as a result of aging, injury, or trauma.

Sherwood Park residents are no stranger to the aches and pains of hard work. Professional athletes know the benefit of regular deep tissue massage, but when it comes to more everyday pains, it seems like few people know how much deep muscle relief a remedial massage can bring to various physical and mental health problems.

Janna Purdy, the owner of Body Tech therapeutic Massage Inc., has over 16 years of experience in her field. This experience has given her the qualifications and confidence to never falter in her commitment to excellence. Naturally, others have noticed Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.’s dedication. In 2017, we were rated one of Edmonton’s Top 3 Massage Therapy Clinics. We don’t take accolades like those lightly. We strive to provide the most exemplary service for our clients. From day one, our company’s mission has been to provide the best care for our clients. Our treatments are ethical, evidence-based and carried out with compassion.

Not only that, our deep tissue massages are offered at a fair price. As our website’s Price List indicates, we want our services to be available to everyone—not just the wealthiest residents of Sherwood Park. People who might benefit the most from a deep tissue massage are those that have long avoided us. They’ve avoided clinics in fear of high bills and ineffective treatments. Through neglecting their bodies they’ve only worsened their aches and pains. We want those people to feel comfortable coming into Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. We want them to feel like they can trust us not to take advantage of their wallets. We want them to know that we are advocates for wellness, not wealth.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Near Me

Many people ask themselves, “Where can I get a deep tissue massage?” After a quick Google search, they might find themselves feeling pretty overwhelmed. There are many massage clinics in the Sherwood Park area that offer deep tissue massage therapy and a variety of other therapeutic massages. Which one is the best?

Why not ask the people of Sherwood Park? You have the option of scrolling through the many testimonials on our website, the glowing customer reviews on our Yelp listing, and more. If you’ve noticed that your neighbor no longer complains about their sore back, maybe it is because they’ve contacted us. Perhaps one of our deep tissue therapeutic massagers did away with they’re lower back pain once and for all. You won’t know until you ask!

Big billboards aren’t going to soothe a bad back. Flashy advertising and a slick website are helpful, but we believe the best promotion comes from a satisfied client.

Do you have any questions about our services? Do you want to hear about what a deep tissue massage can do for your neck and shoulders? Give Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. a call! We’ll make sure that we’re first name that comes to mind when someone asks you where to get a deep tissue massage.

We at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. have compiled this list of some of the surprising benefits of massage that you can take advantage of. Our massage service goes above and beyond to address many of these common health issues in Sherwood Park.

Help Relieve Chronic Pain

Whether you have a primary chronic pain disorder or your aches and pains are a symptom or side effect, regular massages can provide lasting relief to chronic disease sufferers.

Deep tissue massage at Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. is Sherwood Park’s best bet for trigger point massage. Trigger points are a major cause of chronic muscle pain, and we use a variety of techniques to help sufferers get relief from these irritating health issues.

Feeling physical relief from the aches and pains of chronic illness can help relieve the body’s burden from other symptoms of that illness. While remedial massage may not be a cure-all, we’ve been helping patients manage their chronic health pains for years, and can do the same for you.

Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression

While everyone experiences stress to some degree, chronic and prolonged stress or anxiety and depression are more serious mental health issues that massage can surprisingly bring relief to. All three of these issues can cause further health problems in the body if they are not attended to.

While the mechanisms are still unknown, science is discovering more and more about the connection between brain and body every year. And it’s been proven that deep muscle relief through massage relieves the symptoms of anxiety and depression and reduces stress.

Not only is massage good for all three of these conditions, but it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, leading to health improvements throughout the body.

Lower Blood Pressure

For patients experiencing high blood pressure, weekly massages have been shown to help temporarily lower blood pressure levels. This can provide a wealth of benefits especially to the body’s heart health and can also reduce the likelihood of headaches or burst blood vessels.

Prevent Risk of Future Injuries

Many of us don’t address our health problems until they become too large to ignore. While it might be tempting to let a sports or exercise injury heal on its own, regular sports or remedial massage can ensure that your muscles heal in the way they are meant to. This addresses future sprains before they become a problem.

Deep Tissue Massage Prices in Sherwood Park

With such little variance in prices from one company to the next, you’d think that the quality of massage would be similar as well. In a perfect world, maybe—but in reality that’s just not the case. The quality can certainly vary from one massage therapist to the next. That means you can’t just trust the most affordable (or most expensive) deep tissue massage therapist. You need a massage therapist who is qualified, experienced, and dedicated to customer satisfaction and well-being. Look no further than Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc.

What to Expect From Your Deep Tissue Massage

Chances are that if you are like most people in Sherwood Park then you have probably had a massage at some point in your life. Maybe you went to a parlor while on vacation in Florida or the Caribbean or perhaps you enlisted the services of a friend who is starting out in the massage therapy world. What is far less likely is that you have ever tried a deep tissue massage. Although, trends show that more and more people in Sherwood Park are now turning to deep tissue massage for a surefire way of relieving pain and expediting recovery following sports injury or car accidents.

At Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc., we are very aware of the many benefits that a deep tissue massage can offer patients of all ages in Sherwood Park. That being said, before you embark on the journey of a deep tissue massage, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Deep Tissue Means Deep Tissue: Much like any other type of massage, deep tissue massage uses a variety of different techniques which can help your sore muscles achieve repair and eliminate pain. What needs to be remembered about deep tissue massage is that it differs quite significantly from other massage types as the masseuse will apply more pressure to certain areas of your body in an attempt to reach the deepest layers of tissue around your muscles, which is also known as fascia, as well as deeper muscle tissue.
  2. You May Feel Some Discomfort: The reality of the situation is that you may end up feeling a little discomfort during a deep tissue message and even after. The reason for this is simple: various degrees of pressure being applied to otherwise tight muscles can have pain threshold issues in muscles lying dormant in your body. The reality is that the everyday twinges of pain in your muscles can go away with just a few simple yet intense maneuvers during a deep tissue massage. So, no pain, no gain, right?
  3. You Really Need to Relax: The simple reality of a deep tissue massage is that if you are going to get a deep tissue massage with your muscles in a ball of tension, this will only complicate the whole experience for you. To avoid this, you should try your best to unwind your muscles and relax. By doing so, this you will also be helping your masseuse achieve the muscle relaxation that you strive in the long term. Another top tip is to stretch after your massage and avoid overworking your muscles the day following your session. Make sure to give yourself some rehab time.
  4. Ice is Nice: Once your massage is over, it may be necessary to ice parts of your body where the deepest pressure was applied. By doing so, this will reduce any inflammation that will help prevent pain and swelling. Drinking water is another important step after massage therapy.

Come See the Difference Care Makes

Whether you require regular massage services or a single trigger point massage session, Body Tech Therapeutic Massage Inc. has been making a difference in the lives of our clients for years.

We have affordable options and accept most employer-provided insurance plans. Come see the benefits massage can bring to your life and call us today!